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G2 Ocean Life Swimava Body Ring (Small Size)
G2 Swimava Body Ring + Hand Pump + Safety Guide are included in a reusable wet bag.
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Suitable for babies who have graduated from our G1 Swimava Starter Ring and are enjoying water time in baby friendly pools.

Suitable ages 6-24 months

Our unique Body Ring is made to fit snugly and securely under you child’s arm pit.

Designed to fit securely under toddler's arms to support the body above water allowing your toddler to tread water in a comfortable position.

Features dual air chambers and 2 security buckles for improved water safety.

**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!*

Swimava Body Ring Instructions – Step by Step:

* Never leave a toddler unattended while using the Swimava Body Ring. Always remain within arm’s reach of a toddler in water.

1. Inflate the Swimava Body Ring

• Insert the pump nozzle firmly into the top air chamber safety valve to break the factory seal. Be careful not to damage the air valve.

• Pump up the top chamber until it is full and feels firm. Next repeat steps with the bottom chamber. If the seams begin to show strain, stop inflation and release air to reduce pressure until all signs of stress on the seams are gone. (see Fig. 1&2)

• Ensure each valve is securely plugged after being filled. Regularly check the valves to ensure they are plugged

• Do not over inflate the ring.

• Prior to each use of the Body Ring, put the ring completely under water for 60 seconds and check for any air bubbles indicating leakage.

• The small air pump is not a toy, keep it out of reach of children.


Use the pump to inflate, then push valve down firmly to close


Squeeze valve to release air

2. Place the Swimava Body Ring on your toddler.

• Open the Body ring and gently bring it around the toddler’s chest from the front or from behind. (See Fig. 3)

• Close the Body Ring securing both the top and bottom buckles.

• Always adjust the Body Ring diameter to suit your toddler prior to placing him in the pool or bath.

• You should always be able to slide at least 2 fingers in between the Body Ring and your toddler all the way around. Watch closely for signs of distress or discomfort. (See Fig. 4)

• You can slightly decrease the lower/inner air chamber pressure to relax the inner ring diameter if the ring feels too tight.

• The upper air chamber should always be fully inflated.

• The Body Ring should freely move around the toddler’s chest and should only be supporting the upper body above the water

3. Test the Water Temperature and Adjust the Water Level

• Fill the Swimava Home Spa Pool or your bath tub with warm water.

• Adjust the water level so your toddler can float and enjoy free movement of his legs in the water while the Swimava Body Ring acts a gentle support keeping the upper body above the water. (See Fig. 5)

• The water temperature should be approximately 34 degrees Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit) with no more than +/- 2 degrees Celsius (+/- 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) variation. Monitor the water temperature with a floating water thermometer.

4. Place your toddler in Water

• Support your toddler from under his arms while gently placing him in the bath or pool.

• Never leave a toddler unattended while using this Swimava Body Ring or any floatation product. Always remain within arm’s reach with your toddler.

• Do not use bath oils in the water as these can affect the durability of the plastic PVC Swimava Body Ring. This could also make surfaces unexpectedly slippery and lead to an accident when removing your toddler from the water.

• Pay close attention to your toddler for signs that he is ready to finish bath/swim time. Your toddler most certainly will let you know when he has had enough.

• Although it may be possible for your toddler to enjoy the Swimava Body Ring for over 30 minutes per session, this should not be exceeded.

5. Take your toddler out of water

• Slowly remove the Swimava Body Ring after taking your toddler out of water.

Clean Swimava products with mild soap and warm water prior to use.

Keep Swimava products away from sharp or pointed objects, any sources of heat, and extended direct sunlight to avoid damage.

Use only mild soap and warm water to clean Swimava products. Do not pressure wash the product and avoid use of strong cleaning detergents, especially abrasives and bleach.

Do not use bath oils during the usage of Swimava products as they can affect the durability of the PVC material.

Regularly inspect Swimava products for any damage/punctures that could lead to deflation while in use. Put the product completely under water for 60 seconds and check for any air bubbles indicating leakage.

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