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P2 Compact Baby Pool-Home Spa
P2 Compact Baby Home Spa + Pump + Water Hose & Safety Guide all included in a box with a convenient carrying handle. Choose from Regular or Petit Size!
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The compact design is ideal for in home use.

Suitable ages 1-24 months.

Regular Size: Assembled Dimensions: 80cm Height x 82cm Outer Diameter inflated. Uses 326L of water.

Petite Size: Assembled Dimensions: 70cm Height x 66cm Outer Diameter inflated. Uses 180L of water.

**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!**

Must be read prior to use

Swimava Compact Baby Home Spa

Age: 1m onwards

Get the most out of your P2 Swimava Compact Baby Home Spa by using it with our G1 Swimava Starter Set


1. INSERT 1 pole in each of the 8 pockets around the Spa, starting from the bottom

2. INFLATE the Spa’s air chamber

Spa’s air chamber

Use pump to inflate, then push valve down firmly to close.

3. Close the drain

To prevent water leakage, ensure the Spa drain is firmly closed by twisting it clockwise until TIGHT.

CLOSE THE DRAIN FIRMLY to avoid leakage.

Left losen = Leakage

Right close TIGHT = SEAL

4. FILL the spa with water and TEST the water temperature

- Fill the Swimava Spa with warm water.

- Adjust the water level so your infant can float and enjoy free movement of his arms and legs in the water while the Swimava Starter Ring acts as a gentle support keeping the head above water. (See Fig.1)

- The water temperature should be approximately 34 degrees Celsius (93 degress Fahrenheit) with no more than +/- 2 degrees Celcius (+/- 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) variation. Monitor the water temperature with a floating baby thermometer.


1. EXTEND the water hose to preferable length (minimum 63 cm, maximum 200cm)

2. ATTACH the hose to the Spa drain

3. OPEN the drain

Open the Spa drain by twisting it counter clockwise. The water will drain to your desired location.

4. DEFLATE the Spa’s air chamber

Once the water is removed, deflate the Spa’s air chambe

Clean Swimava products with mild soap and warm water prior to use.

Keep Swimava products away from sharp or pointed objects, any sources of heat, and extended direct sunlight to avoid damage.

Use only mild soap and warm water to clean Swimava products. Do not pressure wash the product and avoid use of strong cleaning detergents, especially abrasives and bleach.

Do not use bath oils during the usage of Swimava products as they can affect the durability of the PVC material.

Regularly inspect Swimava products for any damage/punctures that could lead to deflation while in use. Put the product completely under water for 60 seconds and check for any air bubbles indicating leakage.

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