Swimava is currently the only global neck-ring brand with premium quality. Not only in England, but also chosen and loved by loving mothers all around the world. For the purpose of ancillary equipment for the physical activities of newborn babies, rather than simply just a bathing gear, Swimava products are specially made very thorough, personal, and sophisticated.

Award-winning G-1 Baby Neck-Ring, G-2 Toddler Swimming Body Ring, and P-2 Compact Baby Home Spa are designed to help infants to build basic foundations of swimming while encouraging their confidence in water. Water Activities with Swimava can promote the development of bone and muscle coordination from an early age, and also strenghten the respiratory and circulatory systems. As new parents tend not going to public pools with their infants, Swimava provides choices and safety when it comes to introducing water activities to their infants.

Swimava has passed safety tests in Japan and Europe that have very strict safety standards for infants and toddlers. Moreover, all Swimava products use materials that do not contain phthalate plasticizers to prevent any harmful elements from harming your precious infants in any way possible. After all, when it comes to choosing products for your loved ones, parents will always prioritize comfort and safety above all else.

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