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For newborns who have spent 10 months in their mother's womb, the world is full of strange new things. Studies suggest that it is ideal to create an environment that reminds the baby of mother's womb and you can simply do it by bathing your baby in your home while using Swimava Baby Neck Ring. The comfort that a baby feels inside the water will be very beneficial physically and emotionally.


The Swimava Baby Neck Ring is widely used in swimming therapy programs at home and abroad in many postpartum care centers and can also be used by babies who are not yet able to support their own neck. 
Babies will feel comfortable inside the water because they have a high percentage of body fat and due to the buoyancy effect, the babies’ neck around the neck-ring will be unrestrained when worn inside the water. In the absence of familiarity with water, after about a year from birth, the baby may develop a growing fear of water. It is a good idea to start Swimava-swimming early so that the baby can get acquainted with the water before forgetting about the warm embrace inside the mother's womb.

Newborn babies who remember the memories inside the mother’s womb naturally enjoy baby-swimming without having to learn how to swim properly. Please try the baby-swimming only according to the baby's condition and only when the mood fits. Outside the water, babies who are still unable to flip their bodies themselves or swim themselves will have a delightful experience of being like a fish inside the water.

Even babies whose basic body muscles have not fully developed yet are able to exercise autonomously by moving their hands, feet, and all parts of their bodies without being restrained much by gravity through Swimava. Not only that, while it makes babies' baths easier while enjoying baby-swimming, it also gives moms and dads the pleasure of child care and bondings. Hence, Swimava is widely used in swimming sessions, baby-spas, and other therapies at home and abroad by loving mommies and daddies all around the world.

Babies with muscles that are not yet fully developed are unable to maintain their postures due to gravity. Sometimes the muscles of the baby's body can continue to stretch and relax into a patterm, and these abnormal rhythm patterns can create unbalanced patterns of movement and will interfere with baby's ability of exercising control. A simple way to control this is to minimize baby's contact with his / her feet. By reducing stimulation of muscles of the legs, the baby learns how to move his / her body and becomes able to expand his / her abilities and awareness.

Baby swimming is a movement that can reduce contact with the legs and lower the strain on your baby's muscles. Baby swimming has a safer and more efficient approach to water than it does on the ground. The body of a person is affected by gravity on the ground or underwater, but underwater, buoyancy reduces the influence of gravity, which reduces the load on the joints and reduces the risk of joint damage. In addition, the buoyancy effect helps to maintain posture of baby and helps to change posture or to ease movement even if there is damage to exercise function. In addition, exercising in warm water is proven to be effective in lowering muscle tone due to relaxation, increased pain threshold, and decreased muscle spasms. In a study of infants younger than 3 years old, baby swimming was found to be a very beneficial exercise for many health benefits.

Young Parents often have difficulties in feeding their newborns or their toddlers. Even when the food is good, or the child is hungry, they will sometimes still have difficulties in eating their meal. There maybe ways to increase their appetite, but the best way is the natural way and the one way that will not harm your child in anyway. Swimava introduces very safe water activities to newborns and older child. Water activities for babies has lots of benefits and one of them is increasing their appetites in a good way. Water activities is a very mild and gentle exercise for your babies that will give them a good time and a good exercise. Hence, after exercising in water activities with Swimava, any food will taste better, sweeter and feeding your baby will not be a tiring exercise for the parents.

Regular baby swimming every day will improve the sleeping habits of your babies, and after such a delightful exercise, the babies will enjoy having a good nap, and will fall into a deep sleep easily after bondings and good interactions with parents. And the parents too will now able to have naps as well along with the babies too if they wish to.

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